1) Are Zoom drum lessons as good as in-person drum lessons?

Most of my students find that Zoom drum lessons are actually BETTER than in-person lessons. Rather than traveling to my studio, you learn in the comfort of your own home or your own studio…on a drumset that is familiar to you! Best of all, no matter where you live, you have access to lessons that were previously available only in New York City.

2) What kind of audiovisual gear do I need for Zoom drum lessons?

All you need is a computer with a decent internet connection. A few of my students use special cameras and mics, but that really isn’t necessary. The vast majority of the people I teach simply point their computer toward their drums. The computer’s built-in camera and mic do the job perfectly well.

3) What if I'm already learning drums through another teacher or another online lesson site?

No problem! It is perfectly valid to learn drumming from more than one source. The topics that I cover are not always addressed by other teachers and websites…at least not in a thorough manner. For this reason, lessons or classes with me can be a great complement to your current drum studies.

4) What style of drumming do you teach?

The drumming skills and concepts that I teach are applicable to countless styles. My students have gone on to play such genres as rock, funk, hip-hop, R&B, country, and heavy metal. I’ve also occasionally taught aspiring jazz drummers, and I even had a long-term student who led his own professional salsa band!

5) Who was YOUR drum teacher?

I’ve had the good fortune of studying with 22 different drum teachers! Some of them, such as Joe Morello and Bernard Purdie, just gave me one or 2 lessons. Others were long-term mentors. They include Konrad Kaufman (Krupa & Cole Drum School), Kim Plainfield, Ian Froman, and Jim Chapin (widely regarded as the greatest drum teacher of all time).

6) Do I need to own a set of drums in order to do Zoom drum lessons?

In the beginning stages of learning, all that is needed is a pair of sticks and a rubber practice pad. Later on, you can investigate options for getting access to a drumset. Some of my students rent a rehearsal studio in their area whenever we have a lesson scheduled. The studio provides the drums, and the students just bring their laptops!

7) Is there an age requirement for Zoom drum lessons? Can I sign up my child?

In order to participate in any program offered on this website, a student must be between the ages of 12 and 112. In the case of a student who happens to be under 18 years old, it is required that the student be enrolled by a parent or legal guardian. That is to ensure that the student has been granted permission.

8) What if I schedule a private lesson and discover that I need to cancel it?

If you discover that you need to cancel a private lesson, please notify me at least 24 hours before the lesson begins. If you do so, then we will simply reschedule to a different day and time. If you notify me less than 24 hours before the lesson begins, then rescheduling will not be permitted. For more details, please see the Policies page.

9) How good will I get by taking lessons?

That greatly depends on how frequently you attend lessons, how much you practice outside of lessons, and how long you continue with lessons. In truth, there is no limit to how good you might become. The Drum Lessons NYC homepage features a partial list of the things that other students of mine have ultimately achieved.

10) Have you really taught all of those lessons and students???

Yes! Teaching drums has been my full-time career for most of my adult life. Because I take notes on each lesson that I teach, I am actually able to count all of my lessons and students. Occasionally, I’ve heard other teachers claim similar numbers by “estimating.” In my case, you can trust that there is no estimating involved.

11) Have your students really done all of those great things???

Yes…and much more! For example, one of my students played with her band for a Victoria’s Secret commercial. I also had 3 students featured together in a Talenti Gelato commercial. My students continually amaze me! Just a couple of days ago, another student emailed to say that he had landed the drum spot in a band and had recorded an album.

12) Did you really give lessons to a "famous drumming icon"???

Yes! Crazy, but true! Many years ago, I wrote an article for Modern Drummer magazine about bass drum techniques. The famous drummer saw that article and decided to take a couple of lessons. Out of respect for his privacy, I don’t publicly share his name, but he is one of the greats. He was once voted in Modern Drummer as the #1 Rock Drummer of the Year.

13) What if I'm too old, too young, too fat, too skinny, too shy, too dumb, too untalented, too uncoordinated...?

In that case, you sound just like all the rest of us! We are all imperfect, and we all worry that our specific deficiencies might somehow prevent us from succeeding. I can’t make any promises about the other areas of life…but when it comes to drumming…I can help you. Honest. So forget all of those worries, and let’s get started! It’s going to be fun!