Zoom Drum Lessons Matt Ritter Playing Drums

When I bought my first drumset just before my 16th birthday, I immediately knew that drumming would be my path in life. The people around me, however, weren’t so sure. My friends, parents, and schoolteachers all thought that I had lost my mind. When I got kicked out of one of the college jazz bands, I feared that perhaps they were right.

Since then, I’ve gone on tour, performing in 39 states of the USA, as well as a few overseas locations. I’ve drummed with indie rockers, professional jazz musicians, and several Broadway stars. Modern Drummer magazine has published articles of mine, and Hal Leonard distributed my drumming DVD. In my teaching studio, I’ve taught over 16,007 lessons to over 688 students…including one of the most famous drummers in the world.

In short, I’ve somehow ended up doing OK. There have been occasional ups and downs, but on the whole, I’ve been living my drumming dream…while helping others to do the same. For this, I’m tremendously grateful.