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Zoom Drum Lessons Matt Ritter

My name is Matt Ritter.

Before switching to Zoom Drum Lessons, I taught drumming full-time in New York City.

My teaching experience has been matched by very few drum teachers in the world.

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join bands

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professional drummers


drum teachers

indie rockstars

a famous drumming icon

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“Matt is the most dedicated and passionate teacher I have ever known. He has guided my journey from a beginner drummer to an advanced student, assisted me to purchase my first Tama drum kit, to play live shows in a rock band in NYC and record my first album with the band.”

Wilma K. (Opium Ink)

New York, USA

“After two years of working with Matt, I have transformed from an anxious drummer with erratic time into a relaxed, steady, confident player — and that was with me not practicing nearly enough!”

Ivan D.

New York, USA

“I picked up my first pair of drumsticks when I walked into his studio 5 years ago. I am proud to say that what started out as an “outlet” has turned into a true passion!  I just finished my first summer tour and can’t express the gratitude I feel for his endless inspiration!”

Tricia P. (Graveyard Lovers)

California, USA

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