Zoom Drum Lessons

Zoom Drum Lessons

Do you have a dream of playing the drums?

Do you already play the drums, and have a dream of playing BETTER?

In either case, I can help you. This is what I do. I help people to live their drumming dream.

Students who came to me as COMPLETE BEGINNERS have ended up…

  • Playing concerts (sharing the stage with groups such as The Misfits)
  • Drumming for major music stars (such as members of Anthrax and Megadeth)
  • Recording albums
  • Doing tours
  • Playing at festivals
  • Playing at famous clubs (such as the legendary Bitter End)
  • Being interviewed (in places such as Tom Tom magazine)
  • Having their drumming featured in movies (such as El Gringo, starring Christian Slater)
  • Having their drumming featured in TV shows (such as Shameless)
  • Having their drumming featured in commercials (for brands such as Victoria’s Secret)
  • and more…

PROFESSIONAL DRUMMERS and CELEBRITIES who have sought me out for lessons include…

  • A famous drumming icon once named in Modern Drummer magazine as the #1 rock drummer of the year!
  • An indie rock star whose band was featured in Rolling Stone magazine and also on Late Night With David Letterman
  • The daughter of a hip-hop legend (inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame)
  • The niece of a prog rock legend (also inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame)
  • An actor auditioning for the role of a drummer in a movie (he got the part)
  • A male supermodel (you wouldn’t know his name, but you’d know his face)
  • An MTV host
  • A Latin Grammy Award nominee
  • and others…

A little bit of my background as a Zoom drum teacher:

From 1996 through 2019, I taught drum lessons in New York City. These days, all of the drum lessons that I teach are one-on-one Zoom drum lessons. My private students are people from around the planet…and I coach each of them while they sit at their own personal drumset!

Over the past 2 and a half decades, I have become one of the world’s leading private drum teachers. To date, I have taught over 15,400 lessons to over 600 individual private students.

I have also written articles for Modern Drummer magazine, and I released an educational drum DVD that has received rave reviews from 6 of the world’s greatest drummers (including 2 of my personal favorites, David Garibaldi and Steve Smith).

So what does all of this mean for YOU?

When you do one-on-one Zoom drum lessons with me…

  • You learn drums as quickly as humanly possible because you have a teacher with over 15,400 hours of drum teaching experience.
  • You have peace of mind because you know that your teacher has a proven track record of turning out awesome drummers.
  • You see yourself in a new light because your teacher has the experience needed to draw out your hidden drumming talents.
  • You feel inspired by your teacher’s other students who started at the same place as you and became wonderful drummers.
  • You feel proud that you’ve honored your drumming goals by choosing a teacher who can actually help you to achieve them.
  • You save money on lessons overall because you have a teacher who can help you to reach your drumming goals as soon as possible!

Student Spotlight

Wilma drumming at recording session

“Matt is the most dedicated and passionate teacher I have ever known.” -Wilma K.

Wilma started with me as a beginner and took 2 lessons per week for 3 years. Since then, she has recorded albums and played numerous rock shows, including a major concert as the opening act for The Misfits!

Ivan doing drum performance

“I knew from the first time I spoke with Matt on the phone that I would work well with him.” -Ivan D.

Ivan holds the record for being my longest student. He took lessons on and off for over 10 years. During that time, he found his own creative voice that blended drumming with songwriting and electronic drum programming.

Tricia drumming with her band

“His encouragement toward his students is always positive, knowledgeable, and motivating.” -Tricia P.

Tricia signed up as a beginner and took lessons for 5 years. Then she started a band and ended up living most people’s idea of a rock ‘n’ roll dream – albums, tours, festivals, even an interview in Tom Tom magazine!

Claudiu at his drum lesson

“Matt is an awesome drum teacher. His method syncs up perfectly with the way I look at things.” -Claudiu S.

Claudiu began drum lessons because he was a fan of the Rock Band video game. 6 years later, he was one of the most advanced students I ever taught. He played numerous shows in NY, including at the legendary Bitter End.

MC jamming on the drums

“Matt Ritter is an exceptional drummer and a gifted teacher who keeps drumming fresh and fun.” -MC V.

MC began lessons with a gift certificate and ended up continuing for 8 years. She wowed her guests when she got behind the drums and played at her own wedding…in her wedding gown!

Claudel at red drums

Claudel M. took lessons with me from age 8 to age 17. As an innocent youngster, he wrote a report saying that I was his “favorite drummer.”

Claudel is now an astonishing progressive metal drummer in his 20’s. After hearing his recent album, I can honestly say that he has become one of MY favorite drummers.

Are you ready to Live Your Drumming Dream?

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