***Check out these videos featuring 3 of my all-time best students playing in their bands: Tricia (with Graveyard Lovers), Claudiu (with Sideways Revolt), and Wilma (with The Toxic Femmes). I taught each of these drummers from the beginner stage up to the skill level currently displayed. So…if you’re a beginner hoping to eventually have the skills to play in a band, then I can certainly help you!

And by the way…if you’re ALREADY a skilled drummer, and you would like to take things even further, then I can help you with that too! Countless professional drummers have come to me for that exact purpose. In fact, one of my students was once named in Modern Drummer magazine as the #1 rock drummer of the year. Crazy, but true!

Graveyard Lovers "Manifesto" Official Video

Sideways Revolt - My Worst Enemy

The Toxic Femmes - Hurt Me

Are you ready to Live Your Drumming Dream?