10 Private Zoom Drum Lessons

You and I will forge an ongoing partnership that will positively affect every aspect of your drumming. You can do just the 10 lessons, or you can renew for another 10 as many times as you wish. A student recently told me that he learned more during our first 2 months than during a full decade with his previous instructor. That’s what I’ll be aiming for with you as well!



***After making your purchase, you will receive a personal email from me within 24 hours to say “hello” and to figure out the dates and times for our lessons together!

***All 10 private lessons expire 5 months from the date of purchase. There’s a very good reason for this: The package of 10 lessons is a discounted offering for students who meet with me on a regular basis…meaning at least twice per month. Please keep this in mind, and only purchase the 10 lessons if you intend to use all of them within the next 5 months.