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Have you been FRUSTRATED trying to find quality drum lessons?

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Have you been
DISAPPOINTED by the selection of local drum teachers?

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I can help you. I promise.

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My name is Matt Ritter.

For over 20 years, I taught drumming full-time in New York City. During those years, I gave many thousands of beginner drum lessons.

My teaching experience has been matched by very few drum teachers in the world.

Drum Lessons Taught

Drum Students Taught

Modern Drummer magazine has published numerous educational articles of mine, and Hal Leonard distributed my instructional drum DVD.

My students have ranged from complete beginners to a famous drumming icon (once named in Modern Drummer as the #1 Rock Drummer of the Year).

Most importantly, my drum students achieve REMARKABLE RESULTS.

Beginner Drum Lessons Beginner


have gone on to…


join bands

record albums

do tours

drum for movies & TV shows

play with major music stars

and more…


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have included…


professional drummers


drum teachers

indie rockstars

a famous drumming icon

and more…


The SUCCESS of my students inspired me to expand beyond New York City.

For this reason…

I am now offering drum lessons over Zoom.

This means that you can get world-class beginner drum lessons anywhere on the planet.

My students have come from various regions of the USA, as well as countries such as Canada, Germany, Indonesia, and Chile.

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Beginner Drum Lessons Caution

If you’re looking for beginner drum lessons, DO NOT limit yourself to choosing a local drum teacher.

That approach is OUTDATED and RISKY.

Click to read a HORROR STORY about a local drum teacher. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

One of my students took lessons from a local drum teacher for 10 years before starting Zoom drum lessons with me.

During that 10-year period, the student learned virtually ZERO usable drum skills. When he and I began working together, we needed to start again at the very beginning. The student later told me that he learned more during our first 2 months than during his 10 years of prior study.

While that might sound like a happy ending, this tale is truly a sad one. The student had wasted 10 years and many thousands of dollars because of an unqualified local teacher.

The scary part is that this same scenario can happen to almost anyone. After all, a person looking for drum lessons usually doesn’t have much drumming expertise yet. Therefore, they have no way of accurately assessing a drum teacher’s methods.

The only solution is to choose a drum teacher with a verifiable track record. That can be hard to do if you limit yourself to the teachers who live in your area.

Don’t make that mistake! Take advantage of modern technology, and avoid becoming the next victim in a local drum teacher HORROR STORY!

As long as you own a computer, there’s a MUCH BETTER OPTION.

Beginner Drum Lessons Laptop Student

You can get expert beginner drum lessons by choosing Matt Ritter Drum Lessons.

5 Benefits of choosing Matt Ritter Drum Lessons:

  1. You see unusually fast progress because the teacher has a rare level of experience.
  2. You have peace of mind because you’re aware of the teacher’s outstanding track record.
  3. You feel a sense of possibility and excitement due to the accomplishments of past students.
  4. You eliminate the risk of wasting time and money on a teacher who is unqualified.
  5. You discover that the learning process is fun because the Matt Ritter Drum Lessons curriculum is designed to be enjoyable and engaging!
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Join the Matt Ritter Drum Lessons family with the NEW STUDENT STARTER PACKAGE.

The New Student Starter Package will allow you to try beginner drum lessons over Zoom at a reduced price.

My Standard Prices

For several years, my standard prices have been $110 for a single lesson, and $900 for a bundle of 10 lessons.

New Student Starter Package

Since many people are unfamilar with Zoom drum lessons, I’m offering the New Student Starter Package for a limited time to let people try out this exciting format. The package gives you the first 3 lessons for $195 ($65 per lesson).


The New Student Starter Package also gives you a bonus of a FREE 30-minute initial consultation.

Risk Free

After the initial consultation, if you decide not to do the 3 lessons, you get a 100% refund. Simple as that!

Beginner Drum Lessons Starter Package

Still have some questions?


Are beginner drum lessons over Zoom as good as in-person drum lessons?

Most students find that beginner drum lessons over Zoom are actually BETTER than in-person drum lessons. With Zoom, everything takes place in the comfort of your own home with your own familiar drum equipment. You also save time because you don’t need to travel anywhere. 

Most importantly, Zoom enables you to get truly high-quality beginner drum lessons no matter where you live. Finding comparable lessons in person would be extremely difficult and perhaps even impossible. 

Can I get beginner drum lessons over Zoom even if I don't own a set of drums?

Absolutely. A set of drums is not required when starting beginner drum lessons over Zoom.

For many decades, there has been a tradition of drummers beginning their studies with a pair of sticks and a rubber practice pad. These items are very inexpensive, and they allow a student to learn many of the fundamental techniques of drumming. If you’re wondering which brand of sticks and pad to purchase, I am thrilled to recommend and officially endorse Vic Firth.

Down the road, if you decide that you’d like to purchase an actual drumset, I can assist you by advising you on exactly what to get.

It should also be mentioned that some students bring their laptop to a local rehearsal studio whenever they have a lesson scheduled. They rent an hour in a room with a drumset, and then they login for their lesson. This could be a great solution if you’re not yet ready to purchase drums, but would still like to get beginner drum lessons on a real drumset.

Couldn't I find a great local teacher who offers beginner drum lessons in my area?

It’s possible, but unlikely.

In any given field, there is a tiny percentage of people who are excellent, a tiny percentage of people who are terrible, and a large percentage of people who are just sorta mediocre. This phenomenon is called a “bell curve.”

Because of this bell curve, it is almost guaranteed that any drum teacher you choose will fall into the mediocre camp. And the worst part is…you probably won’t even realize it!

If you’d like to test out the qualifications of a potential drum teacher, simply ask them the following important questions:

How many drum lessons have you taught?

How many drum students have you taught?

How well do those students actually play the drums?

What have those students ended up doing in music?

If you ask these questions, you will almost certainly hear some version of “I’m not sure” combined with a bunch of awkward hemming and hawing. Don’t settle for that. Using today’s technology, you have easy access to world-class beginner drum lessons.

Aren't there lots of people offering beginner drum lessons just like this?

No, not even close.

If you do a Google search for beginner drum lessons, you’ll see that nearly all of the search results fall into one of the following 3 categories:

1) Pre-recorded video lessons that offer no direct contact with the teacher. This means no personalized instruction, no feedback on progress, and no help in avoiding bad habits.

2) General music lesson companies that are run by pianists, cellists, or just about anybody other than an actual drummer. You can easily confirm this by reading their “About” page or their “History” page.

3) Local drum teachers with a low to moderate level of experience. These teachers typically have no proven track record. In short, these are actually beginner drum teachers! 

Obviously, none of those search results are at all similar to Matt Ritter Drum Lessons. Matt Ritter Drum Lessons offers expert drumming instruction that is personalized, organized by an actual drummer, and backed up with a long history of outstanding results.

If I want beginner drum lessons, shouldn't I get a beginner drum teacher?

That is the #1 most common mistake that people make when looking for beginner drum lessons. It also happens to be the absolute WORST mistake!

When a person is first learning the drums, that is when they are at their most impressionable. It is also when they are most likely to develop bad habits that can negatively impact their entire drumming journey.

For these reasons, the beginner stage is the time when it is most important to work with an extremely experienced drum teacher. That’s exactly what you get with Matt Ritter Drum Lessons.

Isn't it expensive to get beginner drum lessons from Matt Ritter Drum Lessons?

No. What’s expensive is paying for beginner drum lessons with a teacher who is unqualified or ineffective. Even if that kind of teacher charges an incredibly small fee, it is still expensive because your time and money end up being wasted.

Wouldn’t you rather pay a slightly higher fee and know that you’re receiving beginner drum lessons that are of the absolute highest possible quality?

“Matt is the most dedicated and passionate teacher I have ever known. He has guided my journey from a beginner drummer to an advanced student, assisted me to purchase my first Tama drum kit, to play live shows in a rock band in NYC and record my first album with the band.”

Wilma K. (Opium Ink)

New York, USA

“After two years of working with Matt, I have transformed from an anxious drummer with erratic time into a relaxed, steady, confident player — and that was with me not practicing nearly enough!”

Ivan D. (IVAN X)

New York, USA

“I picked up my first pair of drumsticks when I walked into his studio 5 years ago. I am proud to say that what started out as an “outlet” has turned into a true passion!  I just finished my first summer tour and can’t express the gratitude I feel for his endless inspiration!”

Tricia P. (Graveyard Lovers)

California, USA

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